General Guidelines

These guidelines must ALWAYS be satisfied. If the guidelines are ignored,

  • an assessment of the tasks can not always be guaranteed because they are processed electronically.
  • points will be deducted from the assessment of the task for unsatisfied guidelines.



We will inform you about everything (tasks, feedback, grades, …) using your mail address provided by the University of Vienna ( You have to check this mail account regularly and frequently or you have to install a redirect to your private mail address (which, of course, must be checked regularly and frequently as well). More information about your univie-mail-address is provided by ZID (German).


All deadlines are firm. No extensions are granted, without exception.

The solution of a task (just one ZIP file) has to be uploaded to Moodle in the appropriate folder of the task.

Only one (1) ZIP file will be accepted.

If there is a problem while uploading, contact us immediately! We will not consider complains we receive after deadline.

The upload can take some time. Be sure you started the upload early enough. The upload will be canceled when the deadline is reached. You can upload your files multiple times. So we suggest to upload a proper, but still not perfect solution at least one day before deadline.

NEVER forget to include your sourcecode!

All artifacts created for a task have to be compressed in a single ZIP file.

Other compression formats (rar, 7zip,…) are not accepted.

The filename of the ZIP file must comply to the following structure:

  • for individual tasks
COURSE is the course name, i.e. ase, ist, or swa.
MATRNUM is the matriculation number, without leading characters!
TASKNUM is the number of the course task/assignment.
Example: artefact’s name for the second task in the course Software Architecture of the student with student ID 1234567 is:
  • for group tasks: <COURSE>_<MATRNUM_1>_<MATRNUM_2>…<MATRNUM_X>_task<TASKNUM>.zip
All matriculation numbers of the group members have to be separated with an underscore (_).
Example: artefact’s name of the fifth task of the course IS Technology of the students with the matriculation numbers 1234567, 9876543, 1594826 is:

If the naming of the file does not fit the structure explained above, our system will not be able to process it. Therefore, we can not assess your work and you will suffer an immediate deduction of points!

Accepted formats of the artifacts

Accepted formats are: plain text, PDF, PNG, SVG, and ZIP compressed libraries (such as ZIP, JAR, WAR). Other formats are not accepted. Exceptions are explicitly mentioned in the submission guidelines.

Note: every modern word processor, spreadsheet application, drawing tool, etc, supports saving or exporting the document as PDF, PNG or SVG. If you decided to work with a tool which does not support these formats, you can use a PDF printer like PDF Creator.

Accepted encoding for all artifacts

We only accept UTF-8 encoded artifacts.

Why? Because otherwise we will not be able to work with your documents (reading, compiling, …)

Note, that you will have to configure your IDE for UTF-8!

Use google to research how to set the correct encoding for your IDE.

E.g. for eclipse you will at least have to set the encoding at Windows – Preferences: General>Workspace. Some examples for eclipse can be found here: general discussion, for jsp files, for text files.

All written documents contain the name and studentID

of the author, the group number (if available) and the names and studentIDs (matriculation numbers) of people involved. This information has to be placed at the very beginning of the document (respectively on the first page). This guideline applies to source code as well (unless created from code-generators, e.g. in MDD)!

All written documents (excluding source code) must contain

on the first page (or the very beginning of the document)

  • the name of the task (including task ID)
  • a brief summary of what this document contains
The reason, why this document was created, must be clearly evident from the summary

All written documents (excluding source code) contain the names and matriculation numbers of participants in the page header on each page.

if the document format is supporting headers

Tasks, which were created as a group, must be uploaded only by one group member.

If there are multiple uploads, only the recently uploaded one will be evaluated.

Modifications on already uploaded artifacts (e.g., for corrections, feedback laps) must be marked with color or highlighted.

Do not upload one document for two tasks without marking/highlighting the modifications! We will not be able to identify the modifications or the document can be suspected as plagiarism.

No plagiarism!

If plagiarism is discovered, we will proceed as described in Plagiarism.

Additional, task-specific guidelines have to be strictly satisfied, too.