Notes for Exams

before the exam

For taking an examination, you have to consider the following points, based on the University’s statute, ยง 11:

  • You have to register for an exam of your choice via Univis.
  • You can only register for an exam, if you do not have an ungraded exam within the last 8 weeks.
  • The regular deadlines for registering to an exam are: (Note: they can differ for specific exams)
    • registering available: 21 days before exam 00:00
    • registering closes: 4 days before exam 23:59:59
    • de-register closes: 2 days before exam 23:59:59
  • If you don’t show up at the exam, you will not get a note – and therefore you can not register for another exam within the next 8 weeks.
  • If you will not show up at the exam, de-register from the exam! (at least 2 days before exam)
  • If you are indisposed for solid reason, notify the lecturer!

during the exam

  • A written exam will last 60 minutes
  • The language to be used is either English or German
  • Your identity has to be checked – so bring your student identity card!
  • The very first things you have to write on the exams are: branch of study number, matriculation number, full name
  • No documents/scripts/books/etc are allowed
  • Aids like calculators, translation computers, cellphones, … are NOT allowed
  • If you have to use a dictionary: show it to the supervisor BEFORE the exam starts.
  • Only use permanent pens (e.g., a ball pen) – NO pencils